Over 75% of our garments are produced on recycled fabrics. 

We are not fast fashion

Constinuously strive to offer considered products, made from high-quality fabrics at attainable prices. 

Working to reduce our carbon footprint and to manage our impact.

Labelling and packaging: 

Reduce as much as possible single-use plastic in our supply-chain and replace it to compostable or recyclable plastic. 

Kraft paper 


Shipping is an activity of the business in which we can make a significant reductions

We're taking steps to improve our day to day operations and lessen the imprint we leave. 



We do not believe in demanding the cheapest price from our suppliers as it can affect the quality of our garments and put pressure on suppliers to oursource to a less accredited factory. 

Our relationships with our factories and their employees are important to us and we work hard to maintain them. We beleive that every person in our supply chain is an equal and a friend and should be treated in kind. Our workmates in China are all highly skilled in their roles and we respect them greatly for this.