Introduced in the of Summer 2022 by Karina Laflamme and Sarah-Maude Lavoie, Unmuted Collective is led by the concept of premium headwear essentials that are designed to elevate confidence.

We want to change the perception of the commercial hat industry with our new vision that combines heritage, luxe, freshness with a modern twist. We want to offer a range of products that is both accessible for new shoppers and authentic passionnate headwear fans. Quality and authencity became the backbone of the brand, it is very important for us to create products for everyone, with everyone. We value our community and we seek to create with purpose and support the work of local designers, photographers, artists who share the same vision as us.

Every step of the project is developed with our friends in mind and reflects in the sourcing of the materials we use, the range of different hats we design and the image we want to share.